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FNCS qualifiers to be moved back one week due to bug

The issue was affecting some players ability to queue.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite competitive players will have to wait a week before getting to the chance to qualify for the upcoming FNCS as a bug has been discovered in the latest update of the game.

In a post, Fortnite shared the news that the v15.30 update had been preventing some players from queuing into tournament games. Given this, the team felt it would be necessary to shift the qualifier back a week while they investigate and fix the issue.

Players who were eagerly awaiting their shot at making the tournament have suggested that Fortnite should hold a warmup week this week for players to get some practice in before the qualifier next week, but it is not likely this will be the case.

This is not the only issue that the team has had with the v15.30 update, though, as the Boundless cosmetic set has been disabled from competitive play and will remain disabled until the v15.40 update is rolled out.

The first qualifier for the Chapter two, season five, FNCS will begin on Feb. 11 and run until Feb. 14. Given this change in the timeline, the two other Qualifiers have also been shifted back a week each with the second on Feb. 18 and the final on Feb. 25.

Epic is yet to share if this change will affect the finals of the tournament, and if they will also be moved back, as it stands the semifinals are still set to begin March 5.