Ezio Fortnite skin unearthed by data miners, points to potential Assassin's Creed crossover - Dot Esports

Ezio Fortnite skin unearthed by data miners, points to potential Assassin’s Creed crossover

Ezio Auditore could be taking a leap of faith from the Battle Bus soon.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite has become a game known for cementing itself in the middle of pop culture. With frequent performances from musical artists and outfits that feature cultural icons, many players keep coming back to see what the game has in store. 

As it turns out, the newest crossover could involve one of Ubisoft’s most famous franchises. Fortnite may soon have Assassin’s Creed skins and emotes that players can purchase, according to leakers. Based on these rumors, Ezio is coming to the game for a crossover, ready to assassinate his enemies.

This leak is according to the Fortnite Central Twitter account, which is run by a prominent Fortnite data miner, GMatrixGames. The account shared some images of Ezio, the dual blades, and a stance that many Assassin’s Creed players will be familiar with. 

The Ezio Auditore skin looks to have two variants, one with the hood up and one without. Without the hood, you’ll see a faithful recreation of Ezio’s face. The Ezio skin also has a built-in emote that takes the infamous assassin stance with arms and blades outstretched.

Ezio’s Hidden Blade looks to contain the double blades that Leonardo Da Vinci gave Ezio. These blades show ornate details and a classic appearance that fans will be familiar with.

There’s no exact date for when this content will become available, if it’s even confirmed by Epic Games. If Ezio does make his way to Fortnite, he’ll be welcomed by the many crossovers before him.