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Epic reveals the next location affected by the Reality Tree in Fortnite

The temple might become a tower.

Image via Epic Games

In Fortnite, the map is consistently changing, bringing new areas and mechanics with every new season in the game. While the map usually stays the same over the course of a season, Chapter Three, season three has brought POIs that are consistently changing. The last two weeks have brought a variety of changing POIs, and Fortnite has revealed the next one to change.

The most recent POI that has been affected by the Reality Tree is Butter Barn, which has now begun changing into different locations like Neo Tilted, Coral Castle, and Colossal Coliseum. Fortnite Competitive’s Twitter account posted the following update, wishing to give players a heads up before the temple between Rocky Reels and the Joneses undergoes “significant changes” on July 5.

That’s all the information that the official account gave about the upcoming map change. The update to the map will come during the downtime for the update a week from now on July 5. Epic doesn’t normally warn players about map changes ahead of time, so it makes this one all the more interesting.

Some of the game’s data miners have begun to speculate about what this new changing POI could look like. Popular Fortnite creator HYPEX posted about a location called “The Tower” that is likely to be at the temple, so it lines up perfectly with this announcement. But this is just speculation and HYPEX goes on to say that it could be one of the changing POIs’ names instead of one location.

The temple is set to undergo these changes a week from today as part of the v21.20 update.