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Epic pulls Gunner Pet, refunds owners

Gunner and Bonesy are both good boys, though.

Image via Epic Games

Just a day after Epic Games released the new Gunner Pet, the developer has decided to pull the dog from the Locker and refund anyone who purchased it.

In a tweet, Epic apologized for releasing Gunner, which players pointed out looks incredibly similar to Bonesy, a pet that Epic released in season six. As part of its apology, Epic said it would give Gunner owners 1,200 V-Bucks, which is 200 more than the pet originally cost.

There’s no denying that Epic’s oversight was a big one. It’s one thing to sell a different color variant of a popular skin, but Gunner was barely different at all. In fact, other than a few pounds, different colored eyes, and a less vibrant color, they seemed to be the same dog.

Epic has occasionally been scrutinized for selling lackluster skins, but fans seemed to be particularly upset about Gunner’s existence. Although he is certainly a good boy, it just didn’t seem like a big enough of a change from Bonesy to warrant many V-Bucks, especially not 1,000 of them.

Those who bought Gunner should expect a lot more V-Bucks in their account over the next few days. Gunner will also go bye-bye during this time period, too.