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Epic investigating issue with weekly Fortnite challenge

The company won't fix it until Dec. 2.

Image via Epic Games

There’s an issue with one of the new Fortnite weekly challenges from the Dive! set, the official Fortnite Status Twitter confirmed today.

One of the 11 challenges of this mission tasks players with eliminating opponents without aiming down sights, but there’s a big in it. It won’t allow players to earn progress or earn experience when completed, even after doing every step correctly.

Epic employees are out of the office for the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States and will not return until Monday, Dec. 2. Therefore, that’s when Epic expects to solve this issue and make the challenge work as intended.

The best players can do is try completing other challenges for the time being, since there’s currently no workaround for the issue.

There are 10 other challenges fans can complete within the Dive! mission, so there are definitely other things to occupy your time.

Players have to complete eight out of 11 challenges to unlock the secret loading screen and the location for the final “Fortnite” letter. Doing so will let them unlock this season’s exclusive Battle Pass skin.