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Epic auto-completes Creative Curse Fortnite challenges

Who doesn't love free rewards?

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite players were welcomed to Fortnitemares 2019 yesterday with a set of challenges, one of which was only for the game’s Creative mode.

The Creative Curse challenges can only be unlocked by completing tasks within Fortnite’s Creative or limited-time modes. A couple of the challenges had bugs that weren’t allowing players to complete them. But now, Epic has issued a fix.

The official Fortnite Status Twitter account announced that Epic will be auto-completing the “play different Creative Curse featured islands or Gun Fright” and “siphon health or shields from player eliminations in Mansion of Power” challenges.

That means players will be automatically rewarded with a spray and 25,000 XP as soon as they hop into Fortnite’s Creative mode.

These challenges will leave the game on Nov. 3, so make sure to get the rest of them completed if you want to earn this year’s spooky rewards.