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Epic adds new Fortnite store selection for long-time vaulted items

This could be a way to score yourself some rare cosmetics.

Image via Epic Games

Epic Games is constantly giving Fortnite fans the opportunity to purchase a range of different cosmetic items in the game. But a recent addition to the store may allow players to purchase any limited-time items they may have missed over the years.

The newly introduced section, simply titled “Vaulted a Year or More,” boasts a selection of items that—as the name suggests—have been unavailable for more than 12 months.

Cosmetic items in this selection appear to function identically to the others in the store being on a 24-hour timer. It isn’t clear whether these items will be rotated with other vaulted items once the timer is reached or if the section will disappear entirely.

Over the years Fortnite has introduced hundreds of different cosmetic items covering a number of themes. Many of these limited-time releases have not been found on rotation in the store since their introduction into the game, so having this unique section means a higher possibility they are made available again.

Despite being something fans have been longing for, Epic has not shared any plans regarding this new section or if it will be returning following the next shop update later today.

If any of the items currently available in the section are on your wish list, this may be your last opportunity to get a hold of them for a while.