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Dynamite is enabled again in Fortnite: Battle Royale

It took a few hours to fix the issue it caused.

Image via Epic Games

The new explosive item Dynamite has been added back to Fortnite: Battle Royale last night. It was temporarily removed by developer Epic Games less than an hour after its release with the 6.30 content update yesterday morning.

Epic said the Dynamite caused “an increase in client crashes” after it was added yesterday. The item was added back into Fortnite about 11 hours after its temporary removal.

Epic introduced Dynamites as an uncommon explosive that causes a whooping 800 damage to structures and comes in stacks of three. It is one of the few items available in Fortnite‘s new Limited Time Mode, Wild West.

The hotfix that added Dynamites back was also the one that implemented the third Mounted Turret change in less than a week since its release in Fortnite. The turret now overheats faster and causes less damage when the user lands a head shot.

Players can already use Dynamite in all Fortnite game modes.