Double pump isn’t coming back to Fortnite anytime soon

The Double Barrel Shotgun is the closest we'll get to double pump this time.

Image via Epic Games

Some Fortnite players remember the time when shotguns were the strongest guns of the game. If you had two Pump Shotguns in your inventory, you were ready for battle.

That was the time when players could skip the shotgun pump animation to fire faster. They could shoot with their first Pump Shotgun, hold the fire button, and switch to the second Pump Shotgun to fire it almost immediately. This “double pump” strategy allowed players to get ridiculous fire rates with a weapon that was not supposed to shoot that fast due to its high damage. End-game encounters were decided by who mastered the double pump strategy the best.

Fortnite developer Epic Games eventually disabled the pump animation skip and put an end to that strategy. And now we’re sure the double pump strategy is gone for good.

The community coordinator at Epic Sean “MrPopo” Hamilton confirmed the developer won’t bring the strategy back anytime soon. Epic seems satisfied with how shotguns work now.

If you try to do the double pump strategy today, you’ll see the character pumping the second shotgun before firing. This adds a delay between shots that is as big as firing with the first shotgun, waiting for its pump animation, and firing it again. That’s why there’s no point in having two pump shotguns in Fortnite today.

What Epic did that resembles a double pump strategy is release the Double Barrel Shotgun. It fires two shots with a very short delay between them when compared to a Pump Shotgun, but then the player has to reload the gun to fire the two shots again.

If you’re one of the players who misses your double pump, you’d better accept it’s dead for good. Grab that Double Barrel or forget about this strategy.

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