Clown skins were discovered in Fortnite game files—and they're as creepy as expected - Dot Esports

Clown skins were discovered in Fortnite game files—and they’re as creepy as expected

Emotes and pickaxes could be discovered later.

Screengrab via Epic Games

Dataminers dug through the Fortnite game files following this morning’s update in search of new skins, as well as potential clues regarding the future of the game—and a significant amount of new cosmetics have been uncovered.

Like past updates, the community successfully used datamining to find out some future skins. These include what appears to be Ragnarok’s wife or sister, who’s been named Valkyrie by dataminers, and some pretty creepy clowns.

There’s apparently only one glider in this update’s files, and it seems perfect for the Ragnarok-themed outfit.

Ragnarok-inspired wings are the main attraction in the backbling department, and it’s joined by some balloon backbling that show off the clowns’ creativity.

And while there are usually several different emotes and pickaxes to go along with the shiny new outfits and backbling, that seems to be the extent of this morning’s cosmetic leaks.