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Can you play split screen in Fortnite Chapter 3?

It was temporarily disabled.

Image via Epic Games

Following the release of Fortnite Chapter Three, season one over the weekend, numerous players on console noted a change to the game’s functionality.

Unlike previous patches in the game, those on console who could previously play multiplayer on a split screen couldn’t do so.

Traditionally, players on PlayStation and Xbox consoles have been able to use split screen following a few basic steps laid out in the FAQs of Epic Games’ website. The feature isn’t something that has ever been available for mobile, Nintendo Switch, or PC players.

But the split screen gaming for PlayStation and Xbox players was disabled with the start of Chapter Three.

Though players can’t use split screen right now, they should expect to get the ability to play on a split screen back sooner than later. On a Trello list of community issues with Fortnite that Epic made accessible to the public, “Splitscreen Disabled” is among the few “General Top Issues.”

The Trello card indicates that the Fortnite support team is “investigating” the issue. Once split screen play is available again, that card will be taken off of that Trello board and you might be able to expect a post to Twitter from Fortnite’s customer service, which uses the handle @FortniteStatus