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Bugha’s Fortnite squad eliminated by a player who hoarded 11 Floppers

Go fish.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite Chapter Two, season one introduced fishing as a new mechanic to help players find weapons, ammo, and healing items faster rather than searching chests and floor loot. And Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf’s Fortnite Champions Series squad learned just how effective some of these items can be this weekend.

There’s a chance that players can pull one of four different types of fish while fishing in Fortnite: Small fry, Flopper, Slurpfish, or Mythical Goldfish. The Small Fry, Flopper, and Slurpfish take one second to consume, making them the fastest healing items available in Fortnite right now.

Bugha was participating in the FNCS yesterday with his squad when he was eliminated by a player who was sitting in the storm.

Bugha and his chat watched the player who eliminated the Fortnite World Cup Solo winner and discovered that they were sitting in the storm with a handful of Floppers.

Floppers heal players for 50 health within one second, making them one of the ultimate end-game items to help fight off storm damage.

Bugha counted out with his chat that the player had at least 11 Floppers before closing out of the match in frustration.

Fish have become a part of the meta for competitive Fortnite over other healing items like medkits and bandages, so it’s not unusual to see a player with an inventory full of them. Some competitors, however, find this strategy to be a bit cheap since players outside of the storm are usually busy with build battles and incoming fire from other teams.

The Fortnite Champions Series will continue on Saturday, Nov. 16.