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Big changes coming to Team Rumble in Fortnite with tomorrow’s update

This should make some gamers happy.

Image via Epic Games

Epic Games has confirmed some important changes coming to Fortnite’s Team Rumble mode with tomorrow’s Chapter Two, season two update.

In the past, Team Rumble featured two teams of 20 competing to be the first team to earn a total of 100 eliminations. It’s been a popular mode for players who just want to drop in and fight, whether it be to practice, warm up, or just have fun.

Starting tomorrow, all weapons in Team Rumble will be of blue rarity or better. Bandages have been removed, so the overall loot pool will be streamlined a bit.

Glider redeployment will now be a free ability that doesn’t take up a slot, which means players will be able to carry more weapons if they want to. And when it comes to building and having build battles, everyone will now spawn in with 150 of each material at the start of the match.

In arguably the biggest change, skill-based matchmaking has been turned off in the mode. This will undoubtedly come as a welcome surprise to players wanting to have some fun in the mode since the skill-based matchmaking of Team Rumble in the past made it quite “sweaty.”

The final change is that the old elimination goal of 100 has been upped to 125, so matches could go on a bit longer.

These changes and many more will go live with Fortnite’s Chapter Two, season two update tomorrow, Feb. 20.