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12 best Fortnite live events of all time

You had to be there to understand.

Image via Epic Games

Over the years, Epic Games has created some incredibly memorable Fortnite events. The best thing about these events is players can interact with them in many ways and have their own vantage points. Every event reveals something about the story, gives players a treat, or changes the battle royale map dramatically.

Fortnite‘s players have come to expect new events every season, and so far, it has not disappointed. You can still watch many on YouTube, but it will never be as good as being there.

Below are the best events Epic has ever made for Fortnite.

12) The Cube (Chapter One, Season Five)

Image via Epic Games

After some really interesting season events in Chapter One, players met Kevin the Cube. Kevin the Cube was created by a purple lighting strike, but this lightning strike was very long and seemed like it was leading somewhere. After the lightning had hit the ground for a few seconds, Kevin the Cube expanded into existence.

Despite the event’s small size, Kevin became a beloved character for many Fortnite players, and even the event itself is fondly remembered as the day many players met Kevin. Although Kevin’s time on the island was short-lived, Fortnite players always welcome Kevin’s return with open arms.

11) The Unvaulting (Chapter One, Season Eight)

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Most players would want Fortnite to repeat the Unvaulting if it were to repeat an event. The Epic Games team has vaulted many items throughout the seasons, either because they’re overpowered or because their time in the game has expired. Unvaulting allowed players to remove one item from the vault. The vault held the Drum Gun, the Grappler, the Infinity Blade, the Planes, the Bouncers, and the Tactical SMG.

In the end, the Drum Gun was chosen by many players, and the weapon was brought back to the game. Drum Gun was arguably the best option in the vault since it had the most fan service, belonging to Midas and Jules, and wasn’t too overpowering that wielding it made the player unbeatable like the Infinity Blade.

10) The Meteor Event (Chapter One, Season Three)

Image via Epic Games

The meteor event was the first event in Fortnite and players watched this meteor grow daily, putting forth many theories about what it meant. Unlike most games, the event was not presented through a cutscene. Players realized they would experience the event themselves and gain different perspectives depending on where they stood.

One of the best parts was Epic showed they were listening by putting watch stations around Tilted Towers, where most players thought the meteor would strike. The meteor storm came down and destroyed Dusty Depot, which would normally not mean much in games, but this is how Epic Games showed events could shape the map. Dusty Depot became Dusty Divot, and attending Fortnite Events became an exciting thing to look forward to.

9) The Rocket Launch (Chapter One, Season Four)

Image via Epic Games

Rocket Event is known for introducing The Visitor and starting the story of Fortnite. The Visitor traveled through multiple dimensions and crashed landed on Fortnite‘s island, but instead of landing normally, he caused havoc. The Visitor created several rifts while crash landing, but he eventually landed in Loot Lake.

While there was a lot of mystery surrounding The Visitor and what the rifts meant, it is clear that this is one of the most significant events in Fortnite history. Those who got to experience it first-hand can say that they were there when the story really got started.

8) Ariana Grande Rift Tour (Chapter Two, Season Seven)

Image via Epic Games

Three different concerts have taken place in Fortnite, and each has been fantastic in its own way. The Ariana Grande event was fantastic and allowed players to interact with the singer’s Fortnite model. There were many fun things for players, such as slipping on a colorful wave, shooting a giant monster, and flying through the clouds.

There’s a chance Ariana Grande wasn’t wearing a Mocap suit and performing, and that Epic used her likeness for a Fortnite avatar, but it was still an incredible experience. As soon as the event ended, players could purchase her skin to use in the game.

7) Travis Scott Concert (Chapter Two, Season Two)

Image via Epic Games

Travis Scott’s event was fun because he included the map as part of the fun. Players ran and bounced around a constantly changing map depending on the song. The viewpoint also alternated between watching cutscenes and players interacting with the changing map. As a result, the concert had a very participatory feel.

This concert was awesome because it looked incredible. Fortnite may have a cartoony style, but its visuals are impressive. It was a very visually appealing experience, from the rain of fire to the underwater visuals to the psychedelic moments.

6) The Final Showdown (Chapter One, Season Nine)

Image via Epic Games

The Final Showdown event was less of an interactive event and more of a cool battle between a robot and a monster. While the cinematic is very popular, the experience of being there was far more authentic. The cinematic is very well done, and if you haven’t seen it but are a huge fan of Fortnite events, we recommend watching it.

The basis of the event was that a monster was destroying parts of the map until a mecha kitten showed up to stop it. Both giants use their powers from a distance, but they soon come to blows up close. When the event is over, the winner leaves the map, and the loser is dead.

5) Zero Crises Finale (Chapter Two, Season Five)

Image via Epic Games

Players helped Jonesy and The Foundation save Fortnite by attempting to fix the Zero Point. The event itself did not offer much for players to do except listen to Jonesy and The Foundation’s attempt to fix the Zero Point.

There’s a feeling they’re setting up the storyline for future Fortnite seasons.

It ends with Jonesy and The Foundation not being able to fix the Zero Point entirely and becoming trapped. What’s interesting is seeing the portals and wondering what they tease, and it’s disheartening seeing Jonesy and The Foundation get sent away.

4) Live at Risky Reels (Chapter Two, Season One)

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite players saw the Millennium Falcon take on multiple tie fighters over the Fortnite island. A few seconds after out-maneuvering and defeating them, the Falcon slowly landed. JJ Abrams then came out and thanked everyone for their support. Players could see a sneak preview of the newest Star Wars movie at the time, and then Emperor Palpatine spoke to the players.

Players were then rewarded with a lightsaber of their choice, introducing lightsabers into the game. It was a noteworthy event at the time because Fortnite was going even further with their partnerships, and Disney was allowing them to show off never-before-seen movie clips.

3) Marshmello Concert (Chapter One, Season Eight)

Image via Epic Games

Marshmello continues to be the best live Fortnite concert since Marshmello made sure to actually perform for fans; Marshmello wore a mocap suit to participate in the event. Every other event had likely been animated beforehand, but Marshmello took the time to be there with players, talking to them and giving them a great time.

Although the event lasted only 10 minutes, it was a great experience. The concert did not cover the entire map and did not feature cool things for players to do, but it was still great to see the real Marshmello perform.

2) The Devourer of Worlds (Chapter Two, Season Three)

Image via Epic Games

One of the most popular Fortnite events was Devourer of Worlds. Marvel’s time in the Fortnite had come to an end. Players could finally see what Galactus had in store for the Fortnite world. Iron Man tasked players to help the Avengers defeat Galactus.

The best part was that each player received their own armed Battle Bus to use against Galactus. Everybody was trying to shoot him down, so the whole community was working together to beat him. In the end, Galactus fell back into the rift as Iron Man informed the player they had succeeded.

1) The End (Chapter One, Season 10)

Image via Epic Games

At the end of Chapter One, the rocket from Season Four made its return and shot straight into the sky. It climbed very slowly before taking off and creating a new rift. It also seemed to irritate the rifts around it. As the meteors returned, more rifts appeared everywhere.

All this happened until the rockets started focusing on one point on the map, creating the biggest rift. As soon as the meteor was sucked in, more rockets and a meteor hit the spot, sending the players back into the air.

The most memorable moment was getting sucked in at the very end and realizing that everything would change. It has yet to be surpassed by Epic Games.