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Batman/Fortnite: Foundation comic includes The Batman Who Laughs outfit


Image via Epic Games

The upcoming Batman/Fortnite: Foundation standalone comic will give fans a unique crossover story and the opportunity to download a terrifying The Batman Who Laughs outfit. 

Fortnite is once again crossing paths with the DC universe with the new Batman/Fornite: Foundation standalone comic. Like the previous Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point run, fans can see characters from both universes interact in print. 

The comic will also include a redeemable code for The Batman Who Laughs outfit, Robin’s Perch back bling, and Dark Days loading screen. Fans who don’t plan on purchasing the comic can buy these items from the Fortnite Item Shop on Oct. 26 at 7pm CT. The Dark Multiverse Set pickaxe and glider will also be available. 

The Batman Who Laughs skin is a twisted version of Bruce Wayne from Earth-22 in the Dark Multiverse. After being drugged by the Joker with Joker Venom, Batman slowly transformed into a hybrid of both characters. This twisted monstrosity is an excellent choice for Fortnite players who want to drive fear into their enemies. It’s unclear how this character ties into the comic, but it will likely be an exciting read. 

The Batman/Fortnite: Foundation comic releases in stores on Oct. 26. Fans can also collect two variant covers to complete their collection. But they’re both a limited run, so act fast if you want all three versions.