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Fortnite Arena squads and trios modes leaked by dataminers

The two new modes will join solo and duos.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite Arena will be receiving both trios and squads game modes soon, according to data found in the game’s files. This has been a long time coming for players who compete in the ranked mode, which offers only solo and duos modes.

The squads and trios Arena modes were leaked by prominent dataminer Makks, who posted a screenshot of the Arena squads mode showing up in the battle royale lobby. And while they weren’t able to get trios to appear as a mode option in the lobby, it supposedly appeared in the game files as well.

“We may be seeing Arena squads and trios coming very soon,” Makks said on Twitter. “They both exist in the [game’s] files and I managed to get one to show in the lobby. I am very pleased about this.”

For those that don’t know, Arena is Fortnite’s version of a ranked mode. Players move up and down the numerous divisions depending on their performance within matches. Arena presents players a chance to win various rewards, including invites to cash prize tournaments.

Since Arena’s release in March, fans have been requesting trios and squads modes, so it is encouraging to see that Epic has plans to add them into the game.