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An earthquake might be shaking up Fortnite soon

Hopefully the damage to the battle royale island won't be too bad.

Image via Epic Games

Another event seems to be cooking underneath the Fortnite: Battle Royale island.

An earthquake could be imminent prior to the start of Season Eight, according to game leaker FortTory. Game files show that an earthquake might have its own event because it’s in the same folder as the upcoming New Year, Festivus, and Football files.

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The potential for an earth-shaking occurrence may be stemming from the recently leaked Prisoner skin, which currently resides underneath the ice castle at Polar Peak. The later stages of the Prisoner skin show the character glowing with lava cracks from its eyes and its body.

It seems that the earthquake, the Prisoner, the ice king, and all of the odd events happening around the island may somehow be related. To unlock the Prisoner skin for yourself, you’ll need to complete the snowfall challenges associated with season seven.