All the new Fortnite skins from the August 2022 survey

They're all so good, it's hard to pick.

Different characters from fortnite with a green background
Image via Epic Games

Fortnite has only lasted these five years because it is constantly considering input from the community and changing the game based on that. Epic Games has made it clear that it values user input, be it via the voting boards in Fortnite or the surveys they send out to users. Recently, players were sent a new skin survey that was meant to test the waters on some new skins.

Here are all the skins that were shown in Fortnite’s August 2022 skin survey, provided in a neat image by Fortnite content creator ShiinaBR.

In total, there are 73 different skins included in the survey, potentially pointing to months worth of cosmetics. That being said, each of them are just concepts right now, meaning fans likely won’t see the new skins for months at the earliest. It’s likely that players won’t ever see many of these skins, especially if they don’t perform well.

As with most Fortnite skin surveys, users are quickly sharing some of their favorites online. While not officially voted for in the survey, Epic may likely be watching for social media’s reaction to some of these cosmetics as well.

Some have noted that the skins all seem to share a futuristic fantasy/cyberpunk look, which may hint at a future season inside the battle royale. There are a lot of humans that seem to be cyborgs based on their different metal body parts and augmentations. The character below has some form of metal circles on either thigh, for instance.

While this is all just speculation, a number of the different characters do seem to share this common robotic or cyberpunk theme. It could be that Epic is planning something interesting for the future that includes robots and a lot of bright colors. It could also be that their concept artist is just really into this cyberpunk theme. Players will likely find out sometime later during Fortnite Chapter Three.