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All Sculpted Coral Kingdom Border Monument locations in Fortnite Chapter 2, season 3

Who said arts and crafts wouldn't help you in real life?

Screengrab via Epic Games

The third season of Fortnite Chapter Two continues to deliver on content without any significant delays. Like other seasons, Epic Games also introduced a set of Secret Quests, different from weekly challenges, that require players to help a tribe called Coral Buddies around the map.

Coral Buddies were introduced to the game on an island that surfaced with Fortnite Patch 13.20. Shortly after they set foot on their island, located around the top of the B1 grid, players helped them advance through the wood and stone ages. It looks like these cute buddies have another plan, though, since they’ve been claiming territory by building Coral Kingdom Monuments on nearby islands.

Players will need to visit all three of these monuments and hit them with harvesting tools to finish their building process. Doing so will award 25,000 XP toward this season’s Battle Pass. The monuments are close to each other and it should take about five minutes to get all of them if you find yourself on a boat.

Where to find the Sculpted Coral Kingdom Border Monuments in Fortnite?

Screengrab via Epic Games

The first monument is located toward the upper top left corner of the island that houses Pleasant Park. You’ll need to head to the shore toward the C2 tile and you should see the monument sitting in the middle of four stones.

The second monument can be found on the top side of the island located in the C2 tile. The monument stands next to the lighthouse, one of the only buildings on the island, making it easy to find.

The third monument is located on an island with the majority of its land in the A2 map tile. You should be able to find it in the upper top-left corner of the island, behind the oyster shell and next to the palm trees.

Since the challenge was just introduced, regular matches will probably be filled with other players looking to complete this quest. If you’re looking to speedrun this week’s challenges, then completing this quest in the Team Rumble mode can significantly reduce the time you’d likely otherwise spend.

Unlike other quests, this task can also be completed in the Battle Labs game mode. The monuments you hit won’t change in this mode, but you’ll still complete the quest and get your 25,000 XP reward.