All new Destiny 2 Fortnite skins and how to get them

The Fortnite and Destiny crossover is here.

An image showing The Exo Stranger, Commander Zavala, and Ikora Rey recreated in Fortnite
Image via Epic Games

Destiny 2, like Fortnite, is one of the most popular live-service games out there right now. Players from around the world hop into both games to battle it out and prove their skill. While it’s been rumored that there could be a collab between the two games since late last week, characters from Destiny have been confirmed to be coming to Fortnite as soon as tonight.

The three new skins from Destiny in Fortnite will include Commander Zavala, Ikora Rey, and The Exo Stranger, according to an Epic Games blog post. Each character will have their own back bling, glider, and pickaxe, plus an emote that they will all share. This is a decently sized crossover, with Destiny also getting a Creative map in the game.

Each of the characters has been recreated in Fortnite‘s engine, with all three heavily resembling their Destiny counterparts. Players will also recognize the Sparrow gliders as the same ones that players use in Destiny, and the emote features a small Ghost that tags along with each player. You’ll be able to find all three characters in the Item Shop, where they will likely be sold individually and in a bundle.

A screenshot showing Commander Zavala from Destiny in Fortnite's engine
Image via Epic Games

Commander Zavala is the Vanguard commander of the Last City, and one of the toughest Titans in all of the universe. He will come with the Targe back bling, Crown-Splitter pickaxe, Sparrow glider, and Zavala Shader alt style.

An image showing Ikora Rey from Destiny recreated in Fortnite's engine
Image via Epic Games

Ikora Rey is a Warlock champion of the Crucible, dealing with enemies faster than anyone else in the Last City. She comes with the Ophiuchus back bling, Black Talon pickaxe, Sparrow glider, and the Ikora Shader alt style.

An image showing the Exo Stranger from Destiny recreated in Fortnite's engine
Image via Epic Games

The Exo Stranger is a legend stuck in a time loop but dedicated to saving her sister from the Darkness. She comes with the Pouka back bling, The Lament pickaxe, the Sparrow glider, and the Exo Stranger Shader alt style.

This collab also brings the Investigate emote, which can be used by any character. When used, it will cause a small ghost to appear and scan the immediate area for information. While not confirmed, it’s likely included in a bundle with all the characters.

In addition to the skins, Fortnite has added a new Creative map by PWR that acts as a control mode style recreation of Javelin 4. Players who want to bring the new Destiny characters or any other outfit can find the map at Island Code: 0642-9767-7225.

Players will be able to buy these new skins in the Item Shop as soon as tonight, Aug. 23, at 7pm CT.