All Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2 battle pass bonus rewards

Push it to the limit.

Image via Epic Games

Just when you think you are done unlocking all the new content in Fortnite’s latest battle pass, Epic Games may pull you back in with bonus rewards that will require you to complete even more challenges.

Considering these rewards tend to be high quality, players often look forward to decking out their collection with these new additions. The bonus rewards are often made up of new styles and colors for skins that players can unlock throughout the season.

If you’ve just completed your regular rewards and are curious about what more you can unlock in Fortnite, here’s a full list of what’s waiting for you in the game.

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  • Cap K.O Wrap: 10 Battle Stars
  • Multiversal Energy: 15 Battle Stars
  • Gunnar (Solar Storm) skin style: 20 Battle Stars
  • Kiara K.O. (Combat Rebel) skin style: 25 Battle Stars
  • Erisa (Silvan) skin style: 30 Battle Stars

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  • Style Supreme Wrap: 10 Battle Stars
  • Cat-eyed Erisa skin style: 15 Battle Stars
  • Viridian The Imagined skin style: 20 Battle Stars
  • Spacevoid Black The Origin skin style: 25 Battle Stars
  • Dazzling Spirit Tsuki 2.0 skin style: 30 Battle Stars

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