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All beach ball locations in Fortnite

An admirable replication of real-life beach ball mechanics.

Image via Epic Games

Whenever Epic Games adds a new feature to Fortnite, it generally rolls out challenges alongside them. These quests allow players to get rewarded for exploring more of the map and trying out new mechanics.

One of the more recent patches in Fortnite added beach balls to the game and two challenges that require players to kick them in a match. While the quests are relatively straightforward, it may take longer than expected to complete them, if you don’t know where beach balls are located on the Fortnite map.

Where can you find beach balls in Fortnite Chapter three, season three?

Beach balls can be found in the coastal areas of the Fortnite map. There are two in the marked location below. 

Considering players will need to kick a regular-sized beach ball and a larger to complete the challenges, you may need to visit multiple coastal locations. Players will need to run into the beach balls to kick them, and they’ll lift in the air once they’re kicked.

Screengrab via Epic Games

Upon successfully kicking a beach ball, your quest tracker should update on the left side of your screen. If you can’t find one of the balls in your first location, you can scout for a boat and make your way to another beach nearby.