All Ariana Grande Monster Hunter Quests in Fortnite

Five challenges to complete, one pickaxe to unlock.

Screengrab via Epic Games

Seasonal events are a core part of any online game. Most game developers come up with thematic events to let gamers experience a season’s greeting in their favorite title—and Fortnite isn’t any different. Fortnitemares has been the Halloween classic for Fortnite players and the event is back this year with various challenges and rewards.

To acquire event-themed, limited-time cosmetics, players will need to complete their respective quests before the event wraps up. If you have your eyes on the All-Weather Extractor pickaxe, you’ll need to complete Ariana Grande’s Monster Hunter Punchcard, which consists of five different challenges.

These challenges are called stages in the game. After completing all five of these stages, you’ll be able to unlock the All-Weather Extractor pickaxe. Here are all the Ariana Grande Monster Hunter Quests in Fortnite.

In addition to unlocking the cool pickaxe, you’ll gather 150,000 XP by completing all stages of Ariana Grande’s Monster Hunter Punchcard. If you decide to complete them one more time, however, you’ll earn Gold Bars instead of XP.

Though each quest will mark where you need to go on the map, finding the exact locations can turn out to be a struggle at times. Going through video guides on YouTube before hopping into a match to complete these challenges can help you save some time since you’ll know where and what exactly you’ll need to look for.

Most challenges will be easier to complete in Team Rumble since players will be able to respawn immediately even if they die. This makes it easier to complete a few quests in a single go. Make sure to plan ahead and decide which challenges you’re looking to complete since you’ll also be working against a shrinking storm.


Gökhan Çakır
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