AdvanceClub is bringing lessons from Bugha, MrSavage, and other Fortnite pros to a new platform - Dot Esports

AdvanceClub is bringing lessons from Bugha, MrSavage, and other Fortnite pros to a new platform

Learn from the pros in a new, online format.

Image via AdvanceClub

The content space for helping players improve in their competitive scenes is rapidly evolving. AdvanceClub is looking to break into the scene with a series featuring top Fortnite players Bugha and MrSavage. 

Starting exclusively with Fortnite as the focus, AdvanceClub has partnered with top analysts and casters within the esports community to try to create timely content that will be both entertaining and informative. 

With its early lineup, AdvanceClub is trying to provide insights, strategies, techniques, and tips for players new and old who want to improve their Fortnite gameplay. This is done through video content, along with access to an experienced group of coaches, like ImSpeedyGonzalez, instant feedback, and VOD analysis. 

One of the main reasons for Bugha and the other creators joining up with AdvanceClub is the constant flood of questions that they always receive from fans. 

“My Advance Class was created so I could give back to my loyal fans and the Fortnite community,” Bugha said. “Every day on stream I’m asked for advice on things like how to prepare, how to improve, and how to manage different in-game situations. I’ve partnered with AdvanceClub to create my personal Advance Class as a way to answer all of these questions and make it simple to watch all in one location.”  

AdvanceClub will offer regularly updated content in the Club Now section, one-on-one sessions with the creators, documentary-style video series with the pros, and Members Cup tournaments for platform users. 

“I partnered with AdvanceClub because I believe in their vision of powering the growth of gamers within esports,” MrSavage said. “If I had access to the information in the Advance Classes a few years back, I would’ve progressed so much faster in my career.” 

AdvanceClub is aiming to be a platform for casual and core gamers who simply want to improve their play. But according to AdvanceClub CEO JT Nguyen, the goal is to start small and build the brand up alongside its partners before trying to expand the catalog to other games. 

“We believe because of the rapid changes within Fortnite itself you have to understand what is happening with the meta, new tactics, how to change strategies, and how to play when things change,” Nguyen said. “We want to keep going back to the pros and establish longterm partnerships where we can put out this content with them to help players improve, whether they be semi-pro, esports enthusiasts, or someone just starting out.” 

You can learn more about AdvanceClub by visiting the platform’s official website.