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A new starter pack is now available in Fortnite’s store

Starter packs are always a great bargain.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite’s store has been updated with a new starter pack, and like all of the ones before it, it’s a great bargain.

The new starter pack is called Iris and it features a number of cosmetics as well as some V-Bucks. For $4.99, you can pick up the Iris skin, Roundabout back bling, Pop Axe pickaxe, and 600 V-Bucks.

Screengrab via Epic Games

The pack basically pays for itself. Five bucks equates to 500 V-Bucks, so you’re getting more than you’d normally pay for when it comes to Fortnite’s currency. Plus, you get a cool cosmetic set on top of that.

Whether you look at it as buying V-Bucks at a discount with a free cosmetic set on top of it or 600 V-Bucks for a $5 skin, it’s a great deal that dedicated players would be remiss to pass on.

Previous starter packs in Fortnite include Wingman, The Ace, Summit Striker, Cobalt, Laguna, Wilde, Red Strike, and most recently, Wavebreaker.

As with previous starters, Iris should be around for at least a few months until a new pack hits the store, so there’s not a huge rush to pick it up. But it’s definitely worth it.