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A Harpoon Gun has been leaked for Fortnite Chapter 2

But what does it do?

Image via Epic Games

A new weapon for Fortnite Chapter Two, season one has been leaked by prominent data miner Lucas7yoshi following today’s patch, giving fans an idea of what they can expect to see added to the game in the future.

The weapon, a Harpoon Gun, pulls enemies to you and deals damage to them, according to Lucas7yoshi. This might be a powerful weapon in the right hands, but it could also act as a double-edged sword depending on how it works.

If you’re successfully catch an enemy, you could take them away from cover and hit them with a quick shotgun blast to get an easy kill. But the same thing could happen to you.

Just because the player is being pulled toward you doesn’t mean they’re defenseless. They could easily take shots at you while your Harpoon Gun is out and eliminate you instead while they’re being pulled toward your location.

The gun reportedly deals 75 damage to a player when hooked and it’ll have a magazine size of 10, which means you could constantly hook and kill the same player to death.

But Fortnite fans will have to wait and see exactly what the weapon does before assuming how powerful it could be. There might even be some alternative uses for the Harpoon Gun that could make it an effective weapon in competitive play.