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A Fortnite player mapped their bus paths for 500 games

There's a lot more than two paths.

Image via Epic Games

In the thick of the firefight during a game of Fortnite, it might be hard to notice just how many different routes the Battle Bus can take.

An enterprising player managed to record their last 500 games of Fortnite, noting the paths the bus took. It’s an incredible web of routes that could probably pass off as a fine piece of modern art.

The paths are mostly clustered around the center. And you play the game enough, it seems that at some point in time, you will be able to start the game at practically any point in the map.

The user, scragr97, accomplished the feat by parsing the replays to get the start and endpoint of each bus path. The player manually calibrated the coordinates of the map, but the process was otherwise automated.

The creator also posted an additional image of the lines without the map, where players can better examine the diverse routes.

With the data right in front of our eyes, it becomes easier to accept that maybe we are the ones who want to drop at Salty Springs, not a conspiracy by the Bus Driver to send us to the same place over and over again.