A Fortnite fan made a Mandalorian-style credits video for Chapter 2, season 4 - Dot Esports

A Fortnite fan made a Mandalorian-style credits video for Chapter 2, season 4

It would be an epic ending for the season.

Screengrab via Epic Games

The current season of Fortnite will end soon with Galactus coming to Battle Royale Island for the Nexus War finale event on Dec. 1. And to celebrate, a Fortnite and Star Wars fan united both worlds in a Mandalorian-style end credits video for Chapter Two, season four.

They used the original Mandalorian end credits theme song and several Fortnite images of the Marvel heroes in the game’s island as the equivalent of the Mandalorian concept art. The creator even credited real Epic Games employees in the video.

It’s interesting to imagine the ending of Chapter Two, season four presenting concept art of the season like the end credits of a movie or a show. It’d definitely fit the Marvel theme, though.

Star Wars is no stranger to Fortnite since the franchises had a crossover event in 2019. Fortnite players got to attend a showing of a Star Wars: The Rise of the Skywalker scene and could buy Rey, Finn, and Sith Trooper skins.

The new season of Fortnite likely starts on Dec. 2, considering the Nexus War event will take place on Dec. 1. Players will have to wait until the start of the new season to know the results of the finale, however, since Epic hasn’t hinted at anything about the next season yet.

The Mandalorian is set five years after the events of The Return of the Jedi and follows a bounty hunter hired to retrieve “The Child.” Season two, episode six will only air on Disney Plus on Dec. 4, however, as episodes are released every Friday. This episode is rumored to be the shortest to date.