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A Drum Shotgun could be coming to Fortnite soon

This sounds like a terrible idea.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite: Battle Royale dataminers found a new shotgun hidden in the v9.30 update files today.

Prominent leaker Lucas7yoshi revealed the Drum Shotgun, which looks like a terrifying blend between the Drum Gun and the Tactical Shotgun. It’s shown in three different backgrounds that likely means that it’s coming in Common, Uncommon, and Rare variants.

Like any leak, this hasn’t been confirmed by Epic Games.

There’s no information yet about how the Drum Shotgun will work, as no dataminer was able to retrieve information such as its damage and fire rate. But taking its name and shape into account, we can suppose it’s a shotgun that fires like the Drum Gun. Players should expect a very high fire rate with very low accuracy, a combination that would only work for close-quarter combats at best.

We don’t know how much damage it deals to structures, but the Drum Shotgun can turn out to be useful against them as well if it shoots fast enough.

The Drum Shotgun must have lower damage in comparison to other shotguns if its fire rate is considerably high, otherwise it has the potential to be a menacing gun for the Fortnite meta.

If it ever comes to Fortnite, the Drum Shotgun will join the Combat and Tactical Shotguns in the game’s default modes. These two already have decent fire rates in comparison to the now-vaulted Pump Shotgun, so it’ll be interesting to see which role the Drum Shotgun will fill in players’ inventories if it’s released.

There’s no estimate of when this new gun could be available in the game.