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A collaboration between Fortnite and It may be on the way

A Pennywise skin is now a possibility.

Image via Epic Games

The creepy Pennywise clown from the It horror movie franchise may be making his way into Fortnite, according to several leaks on Twitter

The fictional clown is infamous for his creepy laugh and a red balloon, both of which have been found in the game files. The clown is featured in the upcoming sequel to the original It film from 2017. It Chapter Two is set to be released in theaters on Sept. 6. So additions to the game files could be in preparation for a potential Fortnite collaboration to coincide with the film’s release. 

The red balloon, aptly named “CreepyBalloon” in the game files, is synonymous with the Pennywise clown. The bloodthirsty villain uses the balloon in It as an illusion to lure his victims. 

Pennywise’s creepy laugh may have been found in the game files as a voice note. Dubbed “Illinois_Laugh_01-04,” the laugh sounds strikingly similar to the Pennywise clown

Epic Games is no stranger to collaborating with mainstream franchises. Epic teamed up with the Netflix series Stranger Things for an event that introduced multiple new features, including Stranger Things portals and brand-new skins. 

Similar features might come with this potential It collaboration, such as new skins and points of interest that are synonymous with the movie franchise. This potential crossover, if it comes to fruition, would likely join the world of Fortnite around the time of the It Chapter Two movie release on Sept. 6.