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When does 14 Days of Fortnite end?

You're running out of time.

Image via Epic Games

The holiday event 14 Days of Fortnite ends today, Jan. 2. An in-game countdown timer shows that all 14 challenges developer Epic Games added to the game for the event will be disabled at 8 am CT.

The two Limited Time Modes currently available might also rotate out of the game today.

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It’s unlikely Epic will keep the challenges in the game for a few more hours or days before removing them. Yesterday was the beginning of the 14th day of the event, which means there’s no further challenges or special game modes to come for 14 Days of Fortnite.

Players will keep all the event rewards they received, while losing the chance to get rewards for challenges they didn’t start or complete. All progress in uncompleted challenges is likely to be lost once the event ends.

Players might only see the cosmetics of 14 Days of Fortnite again if Epic adds them to a future Item Shop rotation, like the company usually does with items from previous Battle Passes or seasonal events.

The event 14 Days of Fortnite started on Dec. 19, when the 7.10 game update dropped, to “celebrate a great year of Fortnite.” Besides special daily challenges that awarded cosmetic items, players were also able to compete in new and old Limited Time Modes while seeing a visual makeover in some items for the Holidays, like holiday-lit bushes and the Snowball Launcher.

These should be removed from the game today as well, and Epic has yet to reveal a new event coming to the game for the next couple of weeks.