How to kick a power-shot in FIFA 23

Put some force behind your kicks

Provided by EA

Earlier this week, EA released a new gameplay trailer for FIFA 23 that went over a plethora of returning and new mechanics. Defending, set pieces, skill moves, and more received a bulk of the changes from previous titles.

Veteran players will likely notice a huge change in these mechanics and more when they finally get to hop into FIFA 23 on Sept. 30. Players will also see a variety of new mechanics in the game, such as the ability to kick a power-shot.

While the term power-shot is new in FIFA 23, the mechanics behind the shot have been featured in past games. For example, the timed finishing feature added in FIFA 21 has similar traits to the new power-shot.

However, players will need to hit an entirely new set of button combinations in order to pull off this shot and potentially change how they go about scoring goals and moving downfield.

Kicking power-shots in FIFA 23

In the gameplay deep-dive trailer, EA described power-shots as kicks that increase a player’s power and accuracy. Although this shot can make a large difference on the field, it takes more time to pull off, so players will need to be careful when they choose to perform this type of shot. If the right situation arises, though, players will be able to utilize power-shots to massively increase their chances of getting one past the goalie from anywhere on the field.

To kick a power-shot, players need to hit the following button combinations:

  • PlayStation controllers: L1 + R1 + O
  • Xbox controllers: LB + RB + B

Before players decide to even attempt pressing these buttons, they need to ensure they have plenty of space around them. During the time it takes to pull off a power-shot, a defender could easily come in and snatch the ball. The power-shot requires the player to wind their leg up, meaning players are even more vulnerable.

If players do end up getting a power-shot off, they will need to aim much more precisely than with a regular shot. Players who don’t aim with precision will see their power-shot end up in the stands at the very least.

The shot is high-risk, high-reward, and adds an entirely new layer to shooting that players will have to master when FIFA 23 is released.