How to get FGS Swaps in FIFA 21

Watch and earn.

Image via EA Sports

The Ultimate Team game mode (FUT) is the most popular and competitive way of playing FIFA 21. Not only do you get to make the most out of the players from your packs, but your skill will also play a vital role when it comes to determining the results of your matches.

While the ranked ladder is enough for most players to quench their competitive thirst for FIFA, the most talented FIFA players face each other at the FIFA Global Series (FGS). You’ll be able to improve your gameplay by tuning into the tournament to watch the best players around the world, and you’ll also be able to earn rewards.

Watching an eligible FGS 21 tournament for at least an hour will grant you an FGS player token/swap. These tokens can be redeemed for FUT rewards, especially squad building challenges. You’ll also be able to redeem these tokens for player packs, which will let you add more variety to your squad.

Here’s how you can get FGS swaps/player tokens in FIFA 21.

How can you get FGS swaps/player tokens in FIFA 21?

The rules state that you’ll need to watch one of the eligible FGS broadcasts at least for an hour on Twitch to receive an FGS swap. You won’t be able to receive yours if you don’t have a Twitch account linked with your EA membership. 

You can link your EA and Twitch accounts through EA’s official link. If you had logged into your EA and Twitch on your computer before, the link will automatically direct you to a page where you’ll need to grant EA the access details it needs to link your Twitch account.

Screengrab via Twitch

After clicking on Authorize, you’ll be redirected to sign in to your EA account once again to verify the process. Once you log in with your EA account as well and confirm the authorization, your Twitch and EA accounts will be linked.

Note that you won’t instantly receive your FGS Swaps after watching 60 minutes of FGS streams. Tokens are usually distributed to all eligible users after the stream concludes.

You can check out all the events that will be dropping FGS Swaps on EA’s website, and the list will continue to be updated as EA releases more details about the competitive season.