How to get all Winter Wildcard Tokens in FIFA 22

It's a wonderful time in FIFA 22.

Image via EA Sports

Lots of multiplayer games have events to celebrate Christmas and New Year. FIFA 22 isn’t an exception to this, and EA’s been treating the players with the Winter Wildcards event, which has been better than the previous Versus event so far.

Throughout the event, players will be able to collect Winter Wildcard Tokens, which can unlock Packs or promo players. Though the event looks simple enough at first, it leaves some loose ends, like how players can get all the Winter Wildcard Tokens.

Considering the players available in the packs have been impressive, most players will look forward to getting the most out of the event. If you’re looking to collect as many Winter Wildcard Tokens as possible in FIFA 22, you’ll need to focus on completing your Squad Building Challenges (SBCs.) Completing your first SBC of the day will reward you with a Winter Wildcard Token, which can be used to unlock various other rewards.

Players will be able to collect a total of 25 tokens and one of them will be handed to them right off the bat via the FUT Store. Completing SBCs and objectives is the best way to unlock the rest of the 24 tokens, and here’s what you can unlock with them.

Winter Wildcard TokensReward
1585+ avg. x10 Player Pack 
12Patson Daka: Winter Wildcard Player 
8Christian Günter: Winter Wildcard Player
5An Ultimate Pack 
5Icon Home and Away Kits 
381-89 avg. x10 Player Pack 
2A Rare Players Pack 

The rewards players will unlock with the Winter Wildcard Tokens won’t be tradable and each reward can be claimed once. Before deciding on which rewards you’d like to unlock, performing a quick Google/YouTube search to see which reward offers the best value for its price can be a decent idea and help you get the most out of the Winter Wildcards event in FIFA 22.