How to earn coins on the transfer market in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

You won't need to buy FIFA points if you dedicate some time to earning FUT coins on the transfer market.

Image via EA Sports

Have you ever blamed your opponents with expensive squads in FIFA Ultimate Team? We get it, some people just spend real money on FUT packs and turn them into coins. But you can beat almost anyone if you learn how to invest your hard-earned coins on the transfer market.

The transfer market in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team is as unpredictable as it was in previous versions of the game. But you don’t need to completely master it to make coins. Most of the time, it simply takes a bit of time and effort to scout the market for the best deals. If you learn the basics, you may never need to spend real cash to buy FIFA points.

Here are some tips on how to earn coins on the transfer market in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

Keep an eye on real soccer matches

This method is not new, but it’s surely efficient. Imagine that you’re watching two soccer teams playing a match, say Leeds United vs. Manchester City, and Leeds won thanks to Patrick Bamford’s goal. Bamford is otherwise a player that nobody would care about, but thanks to his performance, FIFA players will look to buy him

Sometimes, the price of players who scored a goal in real life will double or triple in minutes. If you keep an eye on soccer matches, you can buy FIFA cards at a normal price and then sell them when their price spikes. This method is valid for all kinds of players, but of course, the highest-rated ones are expensive and you probably won’t have enough coins to invest in them.

This method usually has a small window to capitalize on, so it’s all about selling at the right time to make the most profit.

Check value trends before you sell a player

Specialized FIFA websites such as FUTBIN and FUTHead collect almost all of FIFA Ultimate Team’s data. Of course, most of the information on these websites can be found in-game, but you can’t effectively check price trends on the transfer market.

Instead of going through countless cards being auctioned on the FIFA 21 Ultimate Team transfer market, you can easily check the price trends on FUTBIN or FutHead. They calculate the lowest price that each card is selling for and, just like the stock market, a player’s price fluctuates constantly.

Don’t sell players from outside of the top soccer leagues immediately

When it comes to cards that FIFA players are frequently buying, they’re almost always from the same five soccer leagues: Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, and Ligue 1. But you won’t always pack a player from one of these leagues in your FUT packs.

If you pack a card that isn’t from one of the top five leagues, hold it in your club until it’s valuable. The price of these cards will spike once FUTBIN’s squad-building challenges (SBC) solutions are using them to complete an SBC. You can wait for the right opportunity to sell a player instead of listing them on the transfer market for a meaningless value.

Take advantage of the buy now price

Ultimate Team is swamped with players every year and everyone won’t always be cautious when buying a card on the transfer market. A casual FIFA player will buy a card as fast as they can so they can enjoy more hours playing the game.

When listing a card, you can select how long the auction will stay up for, the starting bid, and the buy now price. You can buy players with a winning bid of 300 to 350 coins and then re-list them with a buy now price of 500 to 600 coins, which is low enough for casual players to buy them instead of going through the whole auction.

With this method, you can slowly build your club’s bank. When you’ve won enough coins, you can start doing the same strategy with high-rated players so you can earn coins faster.

Use FUT’s web or mobile app

If you really want to grind FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, you’ll need to use the web app or the mobile version, which is available for both Android and Apple devices.

You’ll notice that many of the FIFA 21 Ultimate Team in-game menus aren’t dynamic, which makes it take a lot more of your time to operate on the transfer market. On the web or mobile app, however, everything works faster and you can sell or buy players more effectively.

Don’t use a third-party program to help you buy or sell players, however. This can lead to EA deleting your Ultimate Team club completely due to exploiting the system.