How to complete TOTS Tawamba’s objectives in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

Players can complete them in any FUT game mode they prefer.

Image via EA Sports

Those interested in collecting Team of the Season (TOTS) cards can get their hands on a 90-rated TOTS version of Léandre Tawamba from Al Taawoun in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

This event offers upgraded versions of the best players from around the world based on their performance during the 2021-2022 season. The players are separated by leagues, and Tawamba is representing one of the Saudi Pro League’s bests with this TOTS version.

The upgrade focused on Tawamba’s Pace (+28), Passing (+26), Dribbling (+19), and Shooting (+18), while his Defending and Physical both got a small +6 increase if you compare his skill ratings with his original 73-rated silver card.

He has high skills in general with only a low 30-rated Defending, which he won’t use much in-game since he’s a striker. We recommend you apply the engine chemistry style to improve the skills Tawamba will be using the most: Passing (+6), Dribbling (+5), and Pace (+2).

There are five objectives you have to complete and, unlike most set of FIFA 22 objectives, they can be completed in any FUT game mode the player prefers. You can get this card until May 22 by completing every task.

Here’s the list of objectives you’ll have to complete in order to get the Saudi Pro League TOTS Léandre Tawamba card in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team:

  • F is for Finesse: Score five Finesse goals using Saudi Pro League players in any FUT game mode.
  • Scoring in the Gulf: Score using Saudi Pro League players in 12 separate matches in any FUT game mode.
  • Winning Tawamba: Win 10 matches in any FUT game mode with min. seven Saudi Pro League players in your starting squad.
  • March On: Play 15 matches in any FUT game mode.
  • Creative Decisions: Assist 11 goals using a Cross in any FUT game mode.