How to complete TOTS Tapsoba SBC in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

Don't miss this incredible SBC.

Image via EA Sports

EA Sports introduced a 92-rated Team of the Season (TOTS) version of Edmond Tapsoba from Bayer Leverkusen to FIFA 21 on Saturday, May 15. You can obtain this special item via the squad-building challenges (SBC) in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

The Burkinabé center back was added to the game as part of the TOTS Bundeliga content that started on Friday, May 14. This is the second special card that Tapsoba has received in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team and is one of the best SBCs released so far.

EA boosted all of Tapsoba’s stats when compared to his 89-rated Future Stars version that was added in February, including Passing (+10), Dribbling (+7), Pace (+4), Physical (+4), and Defending (+3). What makes this card so great is the high Pace, Defending, Physical, and the Dribbling, which is higher than usual for a center back.

With either the shadow or anchor chemistry style, TOTS Tapsoba becomes a 97-rated center back, according to FUTBIN, a website that specializes in FIFA content. Your choice will depend on whether you want to boost only his Pace and Defending (shadow) or to also boost his Physical (anchor).

The TOTS Tapsoba SBC comes as a true bargain considering how meta the card is. You’ll spend around 310,000 FUT coins on PlayStation or Xbox and slightly more on PC (352,000 FUT coins) if you build it from scratch. Even though Tapsoba is from Burkina Faso, a nation that’s one of the most difficult when it comes to finding links in Ultimate Team, you should have no problem at this stage in the game considering how many Icons you can pack and all the other quality cards from the Bundesliga, such as TOTS Neuer from Bayern Munich, TOTS Goretzka from Bayern Munich, and Maxence Lacroix from Wolfsburg.

If you want to complete the TOTS Tapsoba SBC you’ll have to turn in two different squads. The first team must be 85-rated with 65 chemistry minimum and must have one Inform or one TOTS card. The second solution requires an 86-rated squad with 50 chemistry minimum and at least one player from the Bundesliga. The SBC will be live until May 21, which is when the TOTS Bundesliga promo ends.

Here’s the cheapest solution to complete the TOTS Tapsoba SBC right now, according to FUTBIN.

Top form

  • GK: Pau López 83-rated (Roma)
  • LB: Nicolás Tagliafico 84-rated (Ajax)
  • CB: Giorgio Chiellini 87-rated (Piemonte Calcio)
  • CB: Leonardo Bonucci 85-rated (Piemonte Calcio)
  • RB: João Cancelo 83-rated (Manchester City)
  • CDM: Dušan Tadić 83-rated (Ajax)
  • CDM: Anthony Lopes 83-rated (Lyon)
  • LM: Filip Kostić 83-rated (Eintratch Frankfurt)
  • RM: Bernardo Silva 87-rated (Manchester City)
  • CAM: Andrej Kramarić 86-rated (Hoffenheim)
  • ST: Kevin Trapp 83-rated (Eintratch Frankfurt)


  • GK: Thibaut Courtois 89-rated (Real Madrid)
  • LB: Nicolás Tagliafico 84-rated (Ajax)
  • CB: Sergio Ramos 89-rated (Real Madrid)
  • CB: Casemiro 89-rated (Real Madrid)
  • RB: Koen Casteels 83-rated (Wolfsburg)
  • CDM: Isco 84-rated (Real Madrid)
  • CDM: Anthony Lopes 83-rated (Lyon)
  • CM: Éver Banega 83-rated (Al-Shabab)
  • LW: Dušan Tadić 83-rated (Ajax)
  • RW: Carlos Vela 83-rated (Los Angeles FC)
  • ST: Gonzalo Higuaín 83-rated (Inter Miami)