How to complete Showdown Aké SBC in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

The winner of the EFL Cup Final will get an upgrade.

Image via EA Sports

EA Sports added a Showdown 87-rated version of Nathan Aké from Manchester City to FIFA 21 today. It’s obtainable through FIFA 21 Ultimate Team’s squad-building challenges (SBC) menu.

EA also added an 88-rated version of Giovani Lo Celso from Tottenham Hotspurs. These players will play against each other on the real-life pitch on April 25 and the winner will receive a +2 overall in-game upgrade.

EA has generally increased all of Aké’s skills, including Pace (+9), Dribbling (+8), Physical (+8), Passing (+8), Shooting (+8), and his Defending (+7), when you compare the Showdown version to his 79-rated gold card.

Showdown Aké is a great card when you look at his stats and the possibility of the upgrade. You can apply the shadow chemistry style to further increase his Passing (+10), and Defending (+8), which are related to his center-back position, and elevate his quality.

This SBC costs around 246,850 FUT coins on PS4 and 244,600 FUT coins on Xbox One, but it’s a bit more expensive on PC (268,100 FUT coins). The card is considerably more expensive than Lo Celso but the price is worth it for his high stats. His skills are incredible and will be even better if he receives the +2 upgrade after the match.

If you want to complete the Showdown Aké SBC, you’ll have to turn in two squads: Manchester United and Premier League. The first solution requires an 84-rated squad with 75 chemistry minimum, one Inform, and at least one player from Manchester City. The second one asks for an 85-rated squad with 70 chemistry minimum, one Inform card, and at least one player from Premier League.

Here’s the cheapest solution to complete Showdown Nathan Aké SBC right now, according to FUTBIN, a website that specializes in FIFA content.

Manchester City

  • GK: Kepa Arrizabalaga 82-rated (Chelsea)
  • CB: Yuri Berchiche 83-rated (Athletic Bilbao)
  • CB: David Soria 82-rated (Getafe)
  • CB: Kurt Zouma 82-rated (Chelsea)
  • LM: César Azpilicueta 84-rated (Chelsea)
  • CM: Koke 85-rated (Atlético de Madrid)
  • CM: Rodri 84-rated (Manchester City)
  • RM: David Silva 86-rated (Real Sociedad)
  • LF: Mikel Oyarzabal 84-rated (Real Sociedad)
  • RF: Dušan Tadić 83-rated (Ajax)
  • ST: Leandro Trossard 82-rated (Brighton & Hove Albion)

Premier League

  • GK: Yassine Bounou 84-rated (Sevilla)
  • LB: Fernando Pacheco 82-rated (Deportivo Alavés)
  • CB: Felipe Monteiro 84-rated (Atlético de Madrid)
  • CB: José Giménez 84-rated (Atlético de Madrid)
  • RB: Luis Alberto 87-rated (Lazio)
  • CDM: Sergio Busquets 87-rated (Barceclona)
  • LM: Son Heung-min 87-rated (Tottenham)
  • RM: José Callejón 84-rated (Fiorentina)
  • CAM: Daniel Parejo 85-rated (Villarreal)
  • ST: Dušan Tadić 83-rated (Ajax)
  • ST: Gerard Moreno 83-rated (Villarreal)