How to complete FUTTIES Pinamonti’s objectives in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

You can get this awesome player by just playing the game.

Image via EA Sports

EA Sports added a 94-rated FUTTIES version of Andrea Pinamonti from Internazionale to FIFA 21 Ultimate Team’s objectives menu on Friday, July 30.

This is Pinamonti’s first special card in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team and is one of the most upgraded cards this year. EA boosted his Passing (+45), Pace (+33), Shooting (+26), Dribbling (+24), Physical (+23), and Defending (+8), when you compare this 95-rated FUTTIES card to his 68-rated silver version. The devs also gave him a four-star weak foot and four-star skill moves.

All of FUTTIES Pinamonti’s objectives can be completed in either Squad Battles or Division Rivals, depending on your preference. There are four objectives in total and only one of them requires you to win the match. You’ll have until next Friday, Aug. 6 at 12pm CT to complete them and get the card.

Here are the four objectives you’ll need to complete to earn FUTTIES Pinamonti.

  • Instinctive Inter: Score using Italian players in nine separate Squad Battles matches on at least Professional difficulty (or Rivals).
  • Build up play: Assist five goals with through balls in Squad Battles on at least World Class difficulty (or Rivals).
  • Italian renaissance: Win six matches in Squad Battles on at least World Class minimum (or Rivals) with at least five Italian players in your starting squad.
  • Serie A finishers: Score 10 goals using Serie A players in Squad Battles on at least World Class difficulty (or Rivals).