How to claim FGS Player Token Matthews in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

You just need to watch the eChampions League Finals for 60 minutes.

Image via EA

All FIFA 21 Ultimate Team players will have the opportunity to receive a FIFA Global Series (FGS) Player Token Matthews in their account if they watch at least 60 minutes of the eChampions League Finals event, EA announced today.

These tokens can be used to redeem packs in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, such as the premium gold pack (two tokens), the prime electrum players pack (three tokens), a megapack (four tokens), and a jumbo rare players pack (five tokens). You won’t want to miss the event if you have more tokens to combine with this one since you can open packs and perhaps pack a Ligue 1 Team of the Season (TOTS) card, which went live today.

This FGS event is one of the last competitions in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team since the game cycle is about to end. There will be a few more promos after the Team of the Season (TOTS), but FIFA 22 will likely launch between September and October 2021.

Here’s what you have to do to claim the FGS Player Token Matthews.

  1. Link your EA and Twitch accounts via the official website.
  2. Watch the official stream of the eChampions League Finals for at least 60 minutes. The event is already live and will end today (May 28).
  3. Click on the “claim your reward button” once you’re eligible to receive the item.
  4. You’ll receive the FGS Player Token Matthews in your FIFA 21 Ultimate Team account within 24 hours.