How do you play the FIFA 22 closed beta?

Another year bites the dust.

Image via EA Sports

It’s almost time for FIFA players to turn the page and start a new chapter since FIFA 22 is just around the corner. Aiming towards an October release, the latest iteration of FIFA is looking to update all the rosters while refining the gameplay with the latest quality-of-life upgrades.

If you can’t wait for FIFA 22’s release and just want to dip your toes into whatever new content EA has to offer, the good news is that you may not need to wait till October. 

FIFA 22’s closed beta kicked off on Aug. 11. Players who are a part of the beta period will be able to test the latest features before anyone else, allowing them to train ahead of the competition.

Considering the hype around each title, most players also look forward to closed beta tests and try to find ways to get their ticket inside.

Unlike other titles that distribute beta keys through Twitch drops or other means, EA handles it randomly and you’ll just need to get lucky. Before you start praying to the RNG gods, you’ll need to take some steps and adjust your EA account’s preferences to make sure you’re eligible for receiving news about beta tests.

  • Sign into your EA account.
  • Find “Email Preferences” from the menu on the left.
  • Tick the box that reads, “Yes, email me about EA’s products, new events and promotions consistent with the EA Privacy and Cookie Policy.”
  • Also, add your preferred games and platforms and select the Update button once you’re done.

After making the above adjustments to your profile, you will be eligible to participate in beta tests. You’ll also start receiving more promotional emails from EA, however. Enabling your communication settings won’t guarantee you a spot in the closed beta, either, since the invites are randomly distributed.

If you happen to receive a beta code, you’ll need to redeem it through your gaming platform’s dedicated code redemption page.

FIFA 22’s closed beta will end on Sept. 2.