FIFA 23 will have crossplay for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC players

Ultimate Team will finally connect after 14 years of split player bases.

Wilfred Zaha in FIFA 20.
Image via EA SPORTS

FIFA 23 is reportedly set to deliver a franchise first, finally adding crossplay between PlayStation, Xbox, and PC players to the long-reigning EA SPORTS franchise in a major switch years in the making.

The FIFA franchise will be completely connected in Ultimate Team, Pro Clubs, and across FUT’s trading market for the first time, an early leak from Xfire reveals.

The long-standing football series has kept its three-player bases separate for much of its history. Ultimate Team, the game’s flagship mode, was added in FIFA 10 with three split markets and matchmaking lobbies for PlayStation, Xbox, and Origin PC. That trend then continued for the following thirteen titles.

In 2022, however, EA SPORTS is finally adding crossplay. The move comes alongside news the franchise will keep the “FIFA” title, at least for the time being.

FIFA 23 crossplay will have a major impact on the FUT market. Much of FIFA Ultimate Team’s gameplay and objectives are based around card trading, with many of the prices set to player demand and EA’s pre-determined price ranges.

Right now, the PC market has around 700,000 live sales. This pales in comparison to PlayStation and Xbox too, both of which regularly hit around 1.2 to 1.4 million players on the market at any one time. Combining these three markets will flood the listings⁠—though bringing in each player base will keep demand high.

Individual player cards that have maintained similar value across multiple FIFA titles will settle into new price points too. Kylian Mbappe is 580,000 coins on Xbox One’s marketplace at the moment, but commands a heftier 799,000 price tag on PlayStation, according to Ultimate Team hub FUTBIN’s live card tracker. PC players are slapped with an even dearer mark-up, paying 889,000 for PSG’s superstar.

Each market has its own price range too, which will need to be averaged. Mbappe’s top trading value is 1.6m on PlayStation, 1.2m on Xbox, and 1.7m on Origin PC.

Image via EA SPORTS

EA SPORTS has yet to officially comment on the FIFA 23 crossplay claims. The title’s advertising run is slated to begin around May, so it may be some time yet before gamers get confirmation regarding the feature.

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