FIFA 21 goes live for EA Play members

There isn't a chance to open more servers from the packs, sadly.

Image via EA

There are only a couple days to go until the next era in the FIFA franchise hits the shelves, but that’s just for regular fans who aren’t EA Play members. Subscribers of the system were promised a 10-hour trial before the official release—and it kicked off earlier today.

Don’t be alarmed if you run into errors while trying to log in to the game, however, since there are multiple reports from fans showing that the servers are struggling to keep up with the demand.

Considering the wide range of game selections on EA Play and the likely large number of FIFA fans who subscribed to the service just for the 10-hour FIFA 21 beta, it’s not a surprise to see the servers go down. While it’s unknown whether EA will extend the beta period to make up for the lost time, the game’s launch is only a few days away, which may be a consolation prize for fans.

The FIFA 21 beta event officially started at 10am CT and is expected to wrap up around 10pm CT. The FUT21 web app also launched alongside the beta. Fans can start building their squads while also collecting the Team of the Week one (TOTW) cards that are available right now.

If you’re on a console, try downloading the beta through the PlayStation Store or Microsoft Store. This method will allow you to bypass the EA Play Hub, which is struggling to handle the surge in player count. You’ll still need to cross your fingers to connect to EA’s servers, however, and you should be good to go if you make it to the main menu.

FIFA 21 is set to release on Oct. 6.