EA to launch FIFA 22 Legacy Edition on Nintendo Switch, drops price to $39.99 for basic updates

Another year, another disappointing Switch port for the world's biggest sport title.

Image via Electronic Arts

Earlier today, Electronic Arts announced that FIFA 22 will launch on Oct. 1, with new motion capture technology that will be exclusive to next-gen consoles and Google Stadia. And, while PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 will still get an updated variant of the game, players on Nintendo Switch are stuck with another Legacy Edition. 

EA did not provide any specifics about FIFA 22 Legacy Edition in the new trailer for the game, instead opting to focus on the enhanced, next-gen features, including HyperMotion capture technology that combines match capture and machine learning to create a more realistic experience.

This continues the trend EA has fallen into for Switch versions of FIFA over the last several years, with the Legacy Edition title indicating the developers will use an older engine that is not compatible with any of the new modes, gameplay features, or other content. 

No details for what content FIFA 22 Legacy Edition is going to include is available yet, but online listings from Best Buy indicate that the game will be $39.99, another price drop from the FIFA 21 Legacy Edition’s $49.99 price tag. That is a  significant dip from the PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and Stadia versions, which will cost $69.99, while the PS4, Xbox One, and PC versions will remain at $59.99. 

FIFA 22 Legacy Edition is likely to be missing most, if not all, of the new gameplay elements touted for the mainline versions of the game and multiple core modes. Instead, it will probably just include updated rosters, new voicelines, and some very slight visual improvements. 

Even though EA continues to acknowledge its lack of innovation, is upfront with what content will be absent, and is dropping the price again, it still feels like a cheapened experience for Switch players.