EA Sports adds 3 Icon SBCs to FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

All three Icon SBCs are overpriced, though.

Image via EA Sports

EA Sports has introduced three different squad-building challenges (SBCs) to FIFA 21 Ultimate Team today for three legendary players, or simply Icons as the game describes these players.

The feature wasn’t used in the last edition of FIFA and Icons were only obtainable through the FUT market, FUT packs, or the Icon Swaps. EA promised to use Icon SBCs in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, though, because the FIFA player base missed them so much.

The first three Icons available through SBCs are a 90-rated mid version of Luís Figo, an 88-rated mid version of Javier Zanetti, and an 87-rated base version of Edwin van der Sar. All three SBCs will expire in 29 days.

The FIFA player base, however, isn’t too happy with the first Icon SBCs. The legendary players EA chose aren’t the best ones available in the game and the SBCs are a touch expensive. The Figo SBC, for example, costs more than one million FUT coins at the moment to build it from scratch and earn an untradeable item, but you can acquire the card for less than 900,000 FUT coins on the FUT market and be able to sell it in the future.

The best solution, if you want to play with these three Icons in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team right now, is to complete the Loan versions, which are available for all three cards for a cheap price.