EA fixes glitch that allowed players to win without doing anything in FIFA 21 Squad Battles

Players can't exploit this glitch anymore to get packs.

Screengrab via EA

EA released a title update last night (that should be available today) that fixes a popular Squad Battle glitch in FIFA 21’s Squad Battles mode. The glitch allowed players to win a match without having to properly play.

“Following a specific type of goalkeeper pass during an offline match, the defending team’s CPU AI would not attempt to pressure the attacking side in order to recover the ball,” the patch notes read.

After scoring a goal during any Squad Battles match, you could lead all of the opponent’s players to their side of the field, pass the ball back to your goalkeeper, then aim toward the corner flag and tap the pass button. This would cause the AI to stop trying to get the ball, leaving the players static. All you had to do was leave the timer running until the match ended with you as the winner.

Players could exploit this glitch to obtain packs and coins in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team or speed up the Icon Swap grind. But with the glitch now gone, players will have to go back to the hard work and endless grind.

This is FIFA 21‘s ninth title update. It also changed other features and fixed some bugs for gameplay, Ultimate Team, Career Mode, VOLTA FOOTBALL, Pro Clubs, and some general, audio, and video specifics. You can check all changes made on the official FIFA Forums website.