Best young goalkeepers in FIFA 21

Get some youth between the sticks and breathe a sigh of relief.

Screengrab via EA

The field of goalkeeping in professional soccer is dominated by the elder statesmen—and the same goes for FIFA 21. Of the top 10 goalkeepers in the current version of FIFA, the youngest is Man City’s Ederson at 27 and four of them are at least 34.

With age comes wisdom and poise. But that doesn’t mean you should shrug off the future of goalkeeping if you’re managing a club in career mode. Eventually, the top of the class will age out, so it might be wise to invest in the future goalies today.

Here are the best young goalkeepers in FIFA 21.

Gianluigi Donnarumma, 22 – AC Milan

Image via EA SPORTS

The 22-year-old from Italy represents club and country between the sticks and is the brightest star on this list of young goalies. Of the other keepers in this guide, he’s the youngest, has the highest overall rating of 86, and the highest potential rating of 92. In fact, he has the third-highest potential of any keeper in the game behind Jan Oblak and Marc-André ter Stegen.

His highest individual ratings are his Diving and Reflexes at 89 each. He also has a Positioning rating of 84 and a Handling rating of 81. On top of the superior ratings, he also is the tallest of the elite young keepers at roughly 6-foot-5.

Mike Maignan, 25 – LOSC Lille

Image via EA SPORTS

The French native sits behind Tottenham’s Hugo Lloris on the French national squad, but he’s prone to equal Lloris’ rating in the future if he meets his potential.

Maignan has an overall rating of 83, but his potential rating climbs up to an 87. All five of the specific goalkeeping ratings (Positioning, Diving, Handling, Kicking, and Reflexes) are at least an 80, with Reflexes being his highest at 84.

Dean Henderson, 24 – Manchester United

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England’s own Henderson sits behind De Gea in the Man United pecking order, so it might be easier to lure him away in a manager career file. Doing so will reward you in the long run considering his potential and intangibles.

Henderson sits at just an 80 overall, but in the right situation, he could increase up to a potential rating of 87. On top of having great potential, he has a plethora of traits that come with him. He has GK Long Throw, he rushes out of goal, comes for crosses, and saves with his feet. He’s actually the only keeper in this group with all four of those traits, giving him extra value outside of his rating.

Unai Simón, 23 – Athletic Club

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Last but certainly not least, we have Unai Simón from Spain. He’s an 80 overall with numerous Spanish goalkeepers ahead of him for national team honors. But his potential outshines all of them.

Simón has the potential to climb up to an 86 overall. But he’s also quite capable right now with 84 Positioning, 83 Diving, and 81 Reflexes. He even comes for crosses and saves with his feet. He’s a cheaper option compared to the other names with just a slightly lower ceiling. His current in-game value of only 27 million Euros is a steal for what he provides now and later.