All chemistry styles in FIFA 22

Learn what each chemistry style does.

Image via EA Sports

Signing a great player in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is just the first part of your job as the manager. To get the most out of that player, you have to play him around players from the same league, club, or nation so he can have chemistry points. The final part is picking the best chemistry style for that player.

Chemistry styles are enhancers that boost certain stats of one player. Before applying one of them to a player, you should look at what stats that player is lacking to compete against the best. Some chemistry styles, like backbone, are situational. But others, like anchor and shadow, are ideal for almost every defender, for example.

You’ll notice that some of the chemistry styles are more suited for a certain position. Hunter, for example, is an incredibly strong chemistry style for most attackers since it boosts Pace and Shooting. But nothing prohibits you from using it on midfielders or even defenders, though that may not be the smartest move.

Here are all the chemistry styles in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

Chemistry styles for goalkeepers

Chemistry styleBuffs
Cat+2 to Reflexes, +2 to Speed, +2 to Positioning
Glove+2 to Handling, +2 to Diving, +2 to Positioning
Shield+2 to Kicking, +2 to Reflexes, +2 to Speed
Wall+2 to Diving, +2 to Kicking, +2 to Handling

Chemistry styles for the rest of the players

Chemistry styleBuffs
Anchor+2 to Defending, +2 to Physical, +2 to Pace
Architect+3 to Passing, +3 to Physical
Artist+3 to Passing, +3 to Dribbling
Backbone+2 to Defending, +2 to Passing, +2 to Physical
Catalyst+3 to Pace, +3 to Passing
Deadeye+3 to Passing, +3 to Shooting
Engine+2 to Dribbling, +2 to Pace, +2 to Passing
Finisher+3 to Shooting, +3 to Physical
Gladiator+3 to Defending, +3 to Shooting
Guardian+3 to Defending, +3 to Dribbling
Hawk+2 to Shooting, +2 to Dribbling, +2 to Physical
Hunter+3 to Pace, +3 to Shooting
Maestro+2 to Dribbling, +2 to Passing, +2 to Shooting
Marksman+2 to Dribbling, +2 to Shooting, +2 to Physical
Powerhouse+3 to Defending, +3 to Passing
Sentinel+3 to Defending, +3 to Physical
Shadow+3 to Defending, +3 to Pace
Sniper+3 to Dribbling, +3 to Shooting