Guilty Gear Strive’s open beta test is now live for all players on PS4 and PS5

The beta client is up on the store for anyone who wants to give the game a try.

Image via ArcSystemWorks

Despite some server issues keeping players from accessing the Open Beta Test for Guilty Gear Strive earlier today, ArcSystemWorks has officially pushed the client live for everyone across PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. 

Players who pre-ordered the game have had access to the beta for a full day, with some content creators and pro players getting it even earlier, but now the gates are open to anyone who wants to give the game a try ahead of its full launch on April 9. 

Versus, Tutorial, Training, and Network Modes are all available on the beta client, meaning you can practice offline or play online against other users. 

This beta is the first time a live beta for GGST is using its final version of rollback netcode for online matchmaking. Certain features such as connection compatibility display aren’t available to view, but others like ping and rollback frames will be live during online gameplay. 

Early response to GGST’s performance has been positive, with its online being praised despite players still not really enjoying the lobby system being used between matches. And even with the network outage, ArcSys is using this as a stress test for the game and to gather feedback on what can still be improved before it launches. 

You can download the beta via the PlayStation Store on PS4 or PS5, and it will be live on PlayStation servers until Feb. 21 at 8:59pm CT. You can read more about the open beta on the official GG website.