ArcSystemWorks is looking into beta server issues for Guilty Gear Strive

The beta is unplayable right now due to server issues.

Image via ArcSystemWorks

An early open beta test for Guilty Gear Strive went live earlier this week and is scheduled to be active until Feb. 21. But it appears something is impacting server performance and keeping players from being able to access the game today.

Problems started popping up earlier today. Many players have been talking about how they’re unable to connect to the servers or questioning if the beta ended early for some reason. 

Developer ArcSystemWorks has finally released a statement, saying that the problem is impacting the connection to the server, which has made the beta unplayable. A team is investigating what might be causing the issue, but there’s no time frame for when GGST will be back up and running. 

This might just be an issue caused by the beta servers being flooded by new players who wanted to join in following how positive the response to the game’s beta and netcode has been across social media. Even though that would require players to have pre-ordered GGST, it wouldn’t be surprising to see more players than expected trying to play. 

ArcSys is also working on a strict schedule since the beta is opening up to players who didn’t pre-order the game later today at around 9pm CT. 

ArcSys will work to solve the problem quickly or at least document what went wrong to try to prevent it from happening in the full release of GGST on April 9. And who knows, the company might even extend the beta a little bit longer to make up for the inconvenience.

Update Feb. 18 11:35pm CT: After ArcSys confirmed it had found the issue affecting the beta servers and fixed them at around 9:15pm CT and players were able to access the game’s client again.

The beta opened up to more players soon after the servers went back online, but now more issues have popped up and are disconnecting players again. ArcSys confirmed the issue, is investigating the cause, and will make another announcement when the server is restored.